I work with mind and body to help you recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and to help you change your relationship with your body and food.

I am a psychotherapist, personal trainer  and nutrition and weight management advisor. Trauma, anxiety, depression and chronic pain are physical as well as mental experiences, requiring work with the body as well as the mind.



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If you have been traumatised by sexual abuse, an abusive relationship, an assault or rape. If you had difficulties during pregnancy or giving birth. If you have lost someone to  the COVID 19 virus or are recovering yourself.  or any other difficult experience: Sometimes the trauma just won't let you go. No matter what you do, you keep feeling the same pain and fear, seeing the same images, feeling the same physical sensations as on the day it happened.

Trauma, particularly abuse, can affect the way we eat and how we feel about our bodies. We can eat sometimes to protect or comfort ourselves, to feel safe. Following a standard diet or fitness programme can cause anxiety if the deeper reasons for weight gain and eating are not understood. My approach will help you get fit and relieve underlying emo

Anxiety, depression and trauma can exacerbate lower back pain: you can lose confidence and avoid movement, but this only makes the pain worse: a programme which addresses your emotional issues and helps you build your strength and flexibility is a powerful way to relieve pain and recover.

Exercise boosts your mood, relieves anxiety and can return you to  a state  of balance after a traumatic memory has been triggered. 


Heal the Body, Heal the Mind: Free yourself from the grip  of trauma

Ducks Over the Lake


I have been a therapist for over twenty years and have learnt from sixteen years of working with survivors of political violence and torture that people have an incredible capacity to recover from appalling experiences,that fundamentally, therapy can play a powerful role in aiding that recovery.

I am also a Level 3 Personal Trainer and I use the power of outdoor exercise to engage the body's natural healing mechanisms to aid recovery from trauma, depression and anxiety. I lead fitness sessions outdoors to reengage with the healing power of nature.

It is my passion to help people who have survived a wide range of traumas, who wish to escape from its grip and rebuild their lives. I have a special interest in people who have survived childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape, birth-related trauma, assaults, terrorism, bullying and work-related stress.

I now work privately in East London and Chancery Lane and by Skype and Telephone. I have held director-level posts in two charities and use my understanding of the pressures of such roles to help executives work through work-related stress. I am a qualified and accredited Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, with an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies. I am also a qualified EMDR Therapist and trained in in Narrative Exposure Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I hold a Level  Three Personal Trainer  qualification (Please go to my Blog Page for articles about the mind and body and the therapeutic  power of exercise.)



I would like to help you free yourself from the grip of these feelings: For twenty years, I have been helping people work through difficult traumatic experiences, depression, stress and anxiety. Below you can find information about the services I offer:

Calm Sea


EMDR is an evidence-based therapy developed to help people process troubling traumatic memories. It uses eye movements and other forms of bilateral stimulation to reconnect areas of the brain which hold the trauma with parts which hold the capacity to heal. The brain is stimulated to begin healing itself, the start of recovery. EMDR can also help with depression, future anxieties, pain  and phobias.

Urban Road


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (PDP) is about working together to build trust and safety so that we can explore the origins of difficulties you may be having in your life. We will look at how memories, feelings, relationships and patterns from your early life and childhood are impacting on the way you feel now and how you on with  the people in your life. PDP helps bring into awareness, unconscious memories, patterns, relationships and feelings we may not be aware of but which  affect us every day as we interact with those around us and influence how we feel and behave. PDP helps repair the damage of the past to help you live freely in the present.



Solution Focused Brief Therapy is designed to help you find solutions to the problems and dilemmas in your life. SFBT spends less time on the origins of a problem and more time on finding out what works to solve the problem. We will imagine what your life would be like if the problem did not exist and find a path to get there.

Outline of Chimneys


if its easier for you, or if you are in another country, we can arrange to have therapy by Skype or Telephone. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further.

Dandelion Parachute Seed


A programme consisting of weekly EMDR sessions to process the underlying emotional issues which exacerbate chronic lower back pain and the pain itself and visualisation to target areas  of the brain sending out pain signals. Also a fitness programme to build strength and flexibility of back muscles and general fitness. Lifestyle advice to prevent further pain. Prices on request .

Ducks Over the Lake


For people living with body image and overeating issues related to  histories of sexual abuse, abusive relationships  or other issues: weekly therapy sessions using EMDR to resolve underlying trauma and learn and practice Mindful Eating to change your relationship with food, eating and your body. Also weekly group or individual fitness sessions to build your fitness and confidence. Mindful Eating can help you learn to read your body's signals of hunger and fulness and how to recognise emotional eating, gaining  more nourishment from food to eat healthily without dieting or restriction.




Typical practice hours:

Monday: 10 am to 2

Tuesday: Early morning, daytime, evening

Wednesday: 12 - 2pm

Thursday: Early morning, daytime, evening

Friday: Early morning, daytime, early evening.

Weekends: Closed.



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