Chronic Lower Back Pain Recovery: Fitness & Therapy

Here's a link to an article about the links between #ChronicLowerBackPain and #Depression, #Anxiety and #Trauma: find out more about how I use #therapy and #fitness to help people recover.... Chronic Lower Back Pain, Stress and Trauma: Is It Time to Think Differently About Pain? (

Working with the Mind in the Body

Here is a link to an article I've had published about my thoughts on how to combine #psychotherapy with #fitness to help people recover from #depression #trauma and #anxiety, now that I am both a psychotherapist and a fitness instructor:

Therapeutic Fitness

In this video, I discuss how I am planning to combine #psychotherapy with #fitness to help people work through #depression, #trauma and #anxiety, now that I am both a psychotherapist and fitness instructor:

Mind & Body Health: why I'm becoming a fitness instructor as well as a psychotherapist.

I've been a #therapist (first a counsellor and now a psychotherapist) for over twenty years and a few months ago, decided that I wanted to train as a #PersonalTrainer. I've successfully completed the first stage of the training and am now a Level Two #GymInstructor. This week I will start the next stage of the training to actually become a Personal Trainer. This isn't just about having something different to do (in most of my therapy work, I sit very still and listen in a sma


That wide, empty, vacant, painful space. In the centre of your life, or the space around you. Miles and endless miles between you and the world and other people. The irony is, that at a time when the world is more connected than any time in history, through the internet, smart-phones and social media, there are more people living with loneliness than ever before and social media can make the problem worse: everyone else always seems to be leading happier, more prosperous live

Walking can lift your mood. Just that.

There is growing evidence that #exercise can help treat #depression: the #NHS recommends at least three thirty minute sessions of "vigorous" exercise a week to get the full benefit. (Vigorous here means exercise which raises your heart rate). To start to feel better, you don't have to be lifting massive weights at the gym or running marathons: simply going for a walk really can make a difference. Exercise helps with depression in lots of ways, including releasing chemicals ca