When you want to exercise but #depression and #anxiety are holding you back

I've dscussed the benefits of exercise for people living with depression, anxiety and #trauma in other posts on this site: in this Vlog, I talk about how these conditions actually make it really difficult for people to summon the energy and confidence they need to be able to go to the gym or for a run in the park, just at the moment when they could most benefit from doing so, and how #EMDR can help you find what you need within yourself to begin to exercise:

Mind & Body Health: why I'm becoming a fitness instructor as well as a psychotherapist.

I've been a #therapist (first a counsellor and now a psychotherapist) for over twenty years and a few months ago, decided that I wanted to train as a #PersonalTrainer. I've successfully completed the first stage of the training and am now a Level Two #GymInstructor. This week I will start the next stage of the training to actually become a Personal Trainer. This isn't just about having something different to do (in most of my therapy work, I sit very still and listen in a sma

Sexual Abuse and Birth Trauma: the links between them and how EMDR can help reduce the risk.

In a previous Blog, I wrote about escaping from the trauma of #sexualabuse and how #psychotherapy can help. I'm going to explore one of the possible long-term consequences of sexual abuse: #Birthtrauma. Its not inevitable, but if you have a history of rape or sexual abuse, then this can mean your risk of developing Birth Trauma should you become pregnant, does increase. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of having the positi

Opening Up about Sexual Abuse: the Challenges, Fears and how to Heal:

Here is a link to an article I had published in 2018 about how the way the brain remembers trauma affects how the survivor will remember and be able to discuss what happened. It also explores how #EMDR can help you recover from a serious sexual assault or abuse.


That wide, empty, vacant, painful space. In the centre of your life, or the space around you. Miles and endless miles between you and the world and other people. The irony is, that at a time when the world is more connected than any time in history, through the internet, smart-phones and social media, there are more people living with loneliness than ever before and social media can make the problem worse: everyone else always seems to be leading happier, more prosperous live

How are your New Year's Resolutions going?

We are nine days into 2019 and like many people, you may have resolved to do something differently in the New Year, to start something or to stop. I am interested in what you have resolved to change, where the idea came from and how the change is going. If its all going well and you have made the change without much trouble, that's great.: keep going! But if like most people, you are struggling to stick to your resolution (to run every day, go to the gym, spend less time on s

Escaping Trauma: recovering from trauma when you have been deliberately targeted.

Any #trauma , including a natural disaster like an earthquake or a random accident can be really hard to move on from, but there is something particularly difficult I think, about being deliberately targeted by someone: in an assault, such as a #rape, #sexualassault or violent attack, the attacker makes a deliberate choice to attack the victim. The assault itself will be painful and terrifying. It may be over in minutes or seconds but the impact can last for years. The psycho