Brexit, Anger and the Challenges of Compromise.

This is not an article about Brexit! I promise it does not discuss or advocate any particular position and I don't tell you where I stand myself on the matter. Its about the anger all around us in society and in ourselves, how difficult it can be to reach a compromise and how speaking to a #psychotherapist might help:

How are your New Year's Resolutions going?

We are nine days into 2019 and like many people, you may have resolved to do something differently in the New Year, to start something or to stop. I am interested in what you have resolved to change, where the idea came from and how the change is going. If its all going well and you have made the change without much trouble, that's great.: keep going! But if like most people, you are struggling to stick to your resolution (to run every day, go to the gym, spend less time on s

Walking can lift your mood. Just that.

There is growing evidence that #exercise can help treat #depression: the #NHS recommends at least three thirty minute sessions of "vigorous" exercise a week to get the full benefit. (Vigorous here means exercise which raises your heart rate). To start to feel better, you don't have to be lifting massive weights at the gym or running marathons: simply going for a walk really can make a difference. Exercise helps with depression in lots of ways, including releasing chemicals ca