When starting Psychotherapy Makes you feel Worse....

Here is a link to an article I've just had published on Counselling Directory about why you can initially feel worse after starting #psychotherapy and what you can do about it:

Working with the Mind in the Body

Here is a link to an article I've had published about my thoughts on how to combine #psychotherapy with #fitness to help people recover from #depression #trauma and #anxiety, now that I am both a psychotherapist and a fitness instructor:

Therapeutic Fitness

In this video, I discuss how I am planning to combine #psychotherapy with #fitness to help people work through #depression, #trauma and #anxiety, now that I am both a psychotherapist and fitness instructor:

Sexual Abuse and Birth Trauma: the links between them and how EMDR can help reduce the risk.

In a previous Blog, I wrote about escaping from the trauma of #sexualabuse and how #psychotherapy can help. I'm going to explore one of the possible long-term consequences of sexual abuse: #Birthtrauma. Its not inevitable, but if you have a history of rape or sexual abuse, then this can mean your risk of developing Birth Trauma should you become pregnant, does increase. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of having the positi

Walking can lift your mood. Just that.

There is growing evidence that #exercise can help treat #depression: the #NHS recommends at least three thirty minute sessions of "vigorous" exercise a week to get the full benefit. (Vigorous here means exercise which raises your heart rate). To start to feel better, you don't have to be lifting massive weights at the gym or running marathons: simply going for a walk really can make a difference. Exercise helps with depression in lots of ways, including releasing chemicals ca

Fairy Tale of New York.....

I'm sure you'll know this beautiful #Christmas song by the #Pogues. In this article, I explain why its my favourite #Christmassong because of what it tells us about the darker side of Christmas and how #psychotherapy can help:

Escaping Trauma: recovering from trauma when you have been deliberately targeted.

Any #trauma , including a natural disaster like an earthquake or a random accident can be really hard to move on from, but there is something particularly difficult I think, about being deliberately targeted by someone: in an assault, such as a #rape, #sexualassault or violent attack, the attacker makes a deliberate choice to attack the victim. The assault itself will be painful and terrifying. It may be over in minutes or seconds but the impact can last for years. The psycho